Recharge: a powerful BigCommerce subscription app

Researching subscription apps for your BigCommerce store? Ready to convert your visitors and one-time purchasers into lifelong customers?

Scale your business and build customer loyalty with Recharge, a subscription payments app that is highly compatible with BigCommerce.

Manage customer relationships

Launch and scale your BigCommerce store

Recharge was created to take the guesswork out of subscriptions so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business. Seamlessly launch and optimize your BigCommerce subscriptions, maximizing revenue growth. Subscriptions allow your brand to have a meaningful relationship with your customers, and Recharge empowers you to make the most of those relationships. Looking to tap into the power of recurring revenue for your ecommerce brand?

  • Increase your average order value with cross-selling and upselling workflows
  • Boost lifetime value and reduce churn by allowing your subscribers the flexibility to skip an order
  • Free up customer service resources with the customer portal, where users can manage their own subscriptions

Boost retention with flexible BigCommerce recurring billing

Customer retention is key to the success of any brand—but for recurring revenue businesses, it’s particularly crucial to maximizing the benefits this business model has to offer. Increase the lifetime value for your BigCommerce store by reducing churn with Recharge’s subscription payments solution. With Recharge, you can:

skip icon

Let your customers customize the frequency of their deliveries and skip or reschedule as needed rather than churning out of your business

swap icon

Allow your customers to swap products and add on one-time purchases to their subscription so they can get exactly what they need

dunning icon

Employ strategies to improve payment conversions and avoid involuntary churn, such as automatic payment retries and dunning

When your subscriptions are flexible, your customers are more likely to stick around longer, and Recharge is here to help.

Create custom workflows with powerful APIs

What kind of subscription experience do you want to create for your customers? Recharge’s APIs can help you make your vision a reality, allowing you to create workflows to customize your subscriptions as much as you like.

Looking to incentivize shoppers to sign up for a subscription? Create a free trial workflow. Trying to increase AOV? Build a workflow that offers free shipping once customers hit a set minimum purchase amount. You can even customize the perfect customer portal for your online store.

Measure performance

Measure your performance with data and analytics

Thriving subscription businesses make data-driven decisions to scale and grow. Recharge’s analytics features give you greater insight into what your subscribers want and need so you can meet them where they are and achieve your goals. With our enhanced analytics suite, you can:

  • Assess the health of your BigCommerce store through key performance indicators like AOV, LTV, and churn rate
  • Analyze different customer groups with our cohort selection capabilities so you can fine-tune your business strategy to better meet their needs
  • Build dashboards to track trends in revenue data and visualize your performance in new ways

A data-driven subscription strategy starts with Recharge.

Power subscription boxes on BigCommerce

Improve customer loyalty

Supporting subscription box businesses is our specialty—Recharge’s BigCommerce subscription payments app empowers you to better serve your subscribers’ unique needs.

You can offer your subscribers add-on products for their subscriptions to increase average order value, and let them swap products to prevent unnecessary churn.

The power of SMS

Recurring deliveries are the very nature of subscription box businesses. To support communication around this, you can provide options for email and SMS notifications on upcoming shipment and order details so your customers never miss a delivery.

Recharge x Bigcommerce

Recharge + BigCommerce