Recharge: a trusted Magento subscription app

Looking for a way to seamlessly charge your customers for subscriptions on any cadence? Ready to tap into the power of recurring revenue?

Recharge is an ecommerce subscription and recurring billing app that is highly compatible with Magento, helping merchants scale and grow their businesses.

Steamline recurring payments to scale your business

At Recharge, our goal is to help you create the perfect subscriptions for your customers. Our app automates recurring payments for Magento stores, saving your business valuable time and resources and allowing you to customize your subscriptions any way you’d like.

Recharge makes it possible for your website visitors to turn into long-term customer relationships, resulting in improved average order value, lifetime value, and retention rates for your store. With Recharge, you can:

Create seamless customer experiences
  • Let your customers purchase subscription products and services on any delivery schedule
  • Offer one-time products alongside customer subscription options and provide options to swap subscription products
  • Create a flexible user experience, allowing customers to skip or reschedule a delivery
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment with discount codes and seamless checkout flows
  • Track your product performance and customer behavior over time to continually hone your offerings

Build a best-of-breed commerce stack

Build a top-tier commerce stack and plug Recharge into your existing technology to ensure your subscription plans function seamlessly. Recharge’s recurring payments solution offers built-in shipping capabilities, taxes, and discount options, but also supports integration with top providers in each category.

To enable frictionless subscriptions and recurring payments for your customers, Recharge support all the major payment processors (including Stripe, Authorize.net, Braintree by Paypal, and Active Merchant) and payment methods (including credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, SEPA, and iDEAL).

Powerful subscription plan management to support your customers

Recharge is a Magento subscription extension that gives store owners the power to manage recurring payments across multiple touchpoints throughout the buying process. Our merchant portal lets you manage any customer’s subscription order or account on their behalf for ultimate customer support. With Recharge, your store can:

Recharge also empowers you to reach your customers with more robust subscription product options. From offering one-time purchases to flexibility in delivery options, you can more effectively customize the subscription experience for your customers:

  • Edit a product subscription for a specific customer
  • Provide discounts or a free trial on certain subscription orders
  • Make updates to a subscriber’s shipping address or shipping method
  • Edit customers’ credit card payment information on their behalf
  • Increase average order value and lifetime value for your store with cross-selling and upselling strategies like offering subscribers product swaps, upgrades, and one-time purchases
  • Reduce churn with a seamless checkout flow, which you can customize to suit your store and subscribers
  • Reduce customer attrition by allowing subscribers to skip or reschedule a delivery, making their experience as flexible as possible
open box

A subscription payments extension for Magento subscription box businesses

At Recharge, we specialize in supporting the needs of merchants who offer subscription boxes.

  • Easily keep your customers in the loop with customizable SMS and email notifications regarding upcoming order or shipment details
  • Increase average order value and customer satisfaction by letting your subscribers add one-time products to their existing order—or upgrade their subscription option for a more premium offering
  • These physical product types come with their own unique opportunities, and Recharge is here to help you approach them

Robust API for customizable workflows

Powerful workflows

Use Recharge’s powerful API to create custom workflows for your Magento subscriptions that automate your business. For example, you can create workflows to incentivize your website visitors to sign up for a subscription, or to increase AOV with upsells after purchase.

Building customer relationships

By strategically creating workflows based on your company goals and the unique needs of your customer base, you can build meaningful, long-term relationships with your subscribers while saving your business valuable time and resources.

Recharge x Magento

Recharge + Magento