Customer portal subscription management

Create a compelling, customizable subscriber experience and allow customers to manage their subscriptions directly from Recharge’s self-service portal.

Customer portal examples for your subscription business

Recharge’s powerful subscription management features allow you to tailor your customer portal to optimize your customer experience. Below, browse examples of how some of our merchants customized their portals to better manage their active subscriptions.

hello bello portal

Hello Bello offers seamless bundling

With the Recharge API, Hello Bello offers an effortless subscriber experience through its Bundle & Save offerings. Customers can mix and match different diapers in various designs, and the entire bundle is then charged together and shipped on a regular cadence. Their self-hosted portal is shared between Shopify and Recharge.

Hello Bello’s add-on experience is also extremely user-friendly. Customers can add on other items to their recurring bundle at a 15% discount, and those products are located at the top of the customer portal page for easy access.

LOLA delivers ultimate subscription flexibility

LOLA leverages Recharge’s theme engine V2 to offer their users a highly customizable subscription experience. Through the customer portal, customers can easily sign up for a LOLA+ membership for benefits like free shipping, discounts, and more. Subscribers can also delay shipments, or switch certain products to a prepaid option to receive the entire amount.

Through LOLA’s use of Recharge’s subscription API, with a few clicks, customers can change the date of a single subscription or all subscriptions in a single charge at one time.

LOLA portal
Bokksu portal

Bokksu fosters customer loyalty

Bokksu fosters brand loyalty through their self-hosted customer portal, shared between Shopify and Recharge. When a customer tries to cancel a subscription, Bokksu provides options to skip one charge, skip two charges, or change the shipping frequency to reduce churn. They then offer the option to set an automatic reactivation date for the subscription.

Bokksu’s impressive loyalty program awards customers points based on the amount they spend, as well as actions like writing a review or having a three-box streak. Depending on subscribers’ point balance, they belong to one of three award tiers with increasing benefits, incentivizing them to engage and spend more.

Tiege Hanley provides effortless cross-sells and upsells

Tiege Hanley’s self-hosted API portal offers subscribers eye-catching options to customize their next order. Customers can add up to six products from an extensive menu directly in the portal, each with the option to buy one time or via subscription. Additionally, the brand leverages upselling opportunities in the portal by providing the ability to upgrade a subscription with just one click.

Tiege Hanley also features their rewards program throughout their portal. When available, free products are shown at the top of the page, and customers can see a list of future rewards benefits via a sidebar.

TIEGE portal
Use case feature Subscription

Empower customers to manage their own subscriptions

Automate your business and empower your subscribers with Recharge’s customer portal. This key touchpoint in your customer relationships allows you to increase subscriber satisfaction while driving down your support costs.

Through the customer portal, your subscribers have the flexibility to manage their orders directly by making changes to their subscriptions, updating their billing information, and viewing their order schedules and purchase history.

“It’s not just having a customer portal that is important: Customers want the ability to manage and make changes to their subscription.”

Babak Azad
Former SVP of Media & Customer Acquisition @ Beachbody
Advisor for Stitchfix, Butcherbox

Customize your customer portal with the theme engine

A feature of Recharge Pro, the theme engine lets you completely customize your customer portal from the ground up, enabling your users to manage every aspect of their subscriptions. This gives you an increased level of control over the customer experience, from branding and styling to enhanced self-service capabilities.

For each page, you can choose between starting with a blank slate or customizing upon our base theme, which is ready out of the box and offers all our core subscriber functionality. Either route with Recharge Pro’s theme engine allows you to customize each page of your portal with the exact layout and data you need, plus enhanced self-service options. This is all accomplished through front-end technologies that your developers or agencies are familiar with: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Customer portal themes